Ok I guess my questions goes out to men women all of you ” Why is it that you think life is all about a game? ALways think someone is out to get you or hurt you. Life is not all about you being two steps ahead of the game. I use to be like that but because of that mentality I hurt alot of people men when I use to get down and women at the present. Let me tell you something some one who is on top of everything and in touch with their grown side don’t need a backup plan or a side line.You know who you are and what you have to offer and if the next person aint with it then they are just not good enough for you but your smart enough to know that.When you take for granted things and people in your life you miss out on whats right in front of you.Might be that soul mate or that perfect one you will never know because you always think some one is trying to play a game so you play it first. I mean think about it do all your relationships fail well if so take a look in the mirror and do some self checks instead of checking someone elese and you will find the real problem is you.When you can be honest with yourself then and only then can you be be open and honest with someone else.

Sheedah 1 DEEP 4-LIFE!

by Sheedah79


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