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Oh Miss Bree how I adore you.. Your passion has touched me so deeply.. I am in awe of your beauty✊✊ your courage speaks volumes.. Your message was loud & clear…. Sweet blessings to you my sister.. The beacon of light in this time of chaos.. I support all that you stand for.. ✊ #BlackLivesMatter Not to leave out the courage of the young man who assisted her.. Mr. Tyson you both are appreciated..πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ

by OoOoxOxOx_illy



Ok I guess my questions goes out to men women all of you ” Why is it that you think life is all about a game? ALways think someone is out to get you or hurt you. Life is not all about you being two steps ahead of the game. I use to be like that but because of that mentality I hurt alot of people men when I use to get down and women at the present. Let me tell you something some one who is on top of everything and in touch with their grown side don’t need a backup plan or a side line.You know who you are and what you have to offer and if the next person aint with it then they are just not good enough for you but your smart enough to know that.When you take for granted things and people in your life you miss out on whats right in front of you.Might be that soul mate or that perfect one you will never know because you always think some one is trying to play a game so you play it first. I mean think about it do all your relationships fail well if so take a look in the mirror and do some self checks instead of checking someone elese and you will find the real problem is you.When you can be honest with yourself then and only then can you be be open and honest with someone else.

Sheedah 1 DEEP 4-LIFE!

by Sheedah79


It is a sad thought to know that the more we become “awake” and conscious of who we are, the more we feel less capable to sustain the current lifestyles we live. We have out grown our society, to such an extent that to live in it, is to be isolated from it. Because we no longer have a need of it. We the “awake” the “conscious”, people do not delight in the state of things as they are. We want more out of this existence, we want to feel more, live more, smile more, laugh more. We’d rather be Alive than dead. The 9-5 job is not enough. The divisions created by race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc are such a bore, we are done being entertained by ignorance. How is it that, being aware of who one is should make one feel alone in this world, as if it is a curse to know oneself. This should not be, if this is how it is, we should create a new world or rather a better existence for those of us who have escaped. Now all is possible, in this life. All can be done, as all can be made real by thought alone. The reality of our thoughts imagined within the world will be just as real.
We can set the system against itself, like how countries put their people against themselves by way of “civil war.” Yet our war will be with thought, and our power will be in numbers, our tool will be money, and our advantage with money will be the uselessness of it till it meets our end.
We will gain favor by our purpose; our established meaning, our uniformity and our will to make others and ourselves happy. We will fashion for ourselves new identities; since our identity will be devoid of any worldly purpose, our pursuits will reach the heavens!
Therefore let us come together, you and I, let us create great things. I have thoughts, you have thoughts, let us share them. All this education we possess, and for what, but to be made low by a system that no longer deserves our participation! For the devil and Christ have come down for us, to exert power over us, and the rule of money and thought and government and law and religion too have attempted to exert power over us, but no longer should it. Let us do away with it all. We are not lawless, we need not fear death. We will save ourselves from ourselves. At last let us seek power for ourselves, power in our humanity, power in our sheer “nothingness”. Together we will make LOVE our new commandment.
Courtesy of Chocolate Socrates..
Now each one teach one👌💃

by 0o0ox0x0x_illy